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Ernie Langeberg...

Ernie Langeberg (sometimes spelled "Langeburg") was an American model who first did nude work for Playgirl in March 1974. That's one of his photos, above. At a full 6-feet, 7-inches in height, and weiging 220 pounds, Langeberg was born in 1951 and grew up in Cypress, California, in northern Orange County. His mother, Nora Langeberg, was a woodcarver and artist. He played basketball in high school, and then in college at Cypress College (a comprehensive community college located in the town). In 1971, the University of California at Riverside offered him an athletic scholarship, and he played there in the 1972-1973 season. During this time, he also modeled nude for art classes. Langeberg dropped out his senior year because, he said, "I wasn't allowed to be myself." (Hmm.) He moved to Arcadia, California, just northeast of Los Angeles, and got a job at a health spa.

As Langeberg told it (believe this if you want) to United Press International, he was in the gym one day in 1973 when his friends told him to model for Playgirl. The magazine told him to send in some photos. He did, and the magazine took photos of him. (In one of the Playgirl images, he's actually in his Cal-Riverside letterman's jacket.) He was paid $500 for the gig.

By January 1974, Langeberg had changed his name to "Eric Lang" and was pursuing an acting and singing career. He most likely moved to New York City in early 1974, where he caught the eye of Andy Warhol. Langeberg was cast as "Eric Hardy" in a musical titled Man on the Moon. The musical had its book and lyrices written by John Phillips of the Mamas & The Papas, and was directed by Warhol associate Paul Morrissey. "Hardy" is an astronaut who leads a group of diplomats to the Moon to try to stop Dr. Bomb from setting off an explosive that will destroy the universe. The play had 43 preview performances at The Little Theatre beginning December 27, 1974. It opened on January 29, 1975, and closed two days later after disastrous opening-night reviews.

With his acting career pretty much over, Langeberg returned to porn. He did a solo masturbation scene for Brentwood in 1975 under the name "Eric". This scene, titled "The Locker Room", appeared in the clip collection Truck Stop (Trophy) in 1976. The scene was reissued by Brentwood in 1981 in Brentwood Classics 2. Langeberg also modeled nude for Jim French (aka "Rick Colt") at COLT Studios, doing two sessions. Langeberg's photos appeared in Dynamo magazine in 1976, and again in Mandate magazine in June 1976. They saw numerous reprints over the years.

Langeberg was heterosexual. There's a strong possibility he was bisexual, because of statements made by Langeberg himself and by Jim French. On the other hand, he struggled to get an erection during his shoot with Brentwood. Interestingly, Langeberg's erect penis was not much larger than his flaccid one. That's not to say that he didn't sport a large erection: His cock was a full 8 inches or more in length and quite thick when he was erect. He also had a splashy, copious cumshot.

What happened after 1976? No one knows. Someone once claimed he died of cancer in 2012, but that claim is not supported by an obituary or place of death.

* * * *

I got hold of a Playgirl retrospective magazine in 1985. The magazine had run Langeberg's nudes over and over in the past decade. He was the epitome of the editorial staff's ideal male: Athletic, tall, dark, handsome, sensual. The magazine routinely excoriated the "effete" physicality of David Bowie, and found Langeberg's build, almond-shaped eyes, and sculpted cheekbones just perfect.

Me? I fell in love with his freckled shoulders. His boyishness. That pudgy, perky nose. His dense pubes. His foreskin. His enormous cock. That touseled hair and eager expression made him look like a gentle, sweet-natured, happy guy, not the arrogant jock prick that his body and cock would otherwise signal. I loved how thick his penis seemed, and how massive that foreskin-hidden knob was.

His later images for Colt, in which he played up the "I'm so hot you can't have me" thing completely turned me off.

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