Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Here is a radical suggestion: Don't oppose Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.
(a) Lacking anything close to a majority in the Senate, Democrats cannot stop the confirmation anyway. A better strategy would be to allow Senate Democrats to make the best arguments they can. On voting day, they should boycott the Senate. Allow only enough Democratic leaders to show up on the floor to (i) give the Senate a quorum, (ii) move for a voice vote, and (iii) vote loudly and vociferously "NO". (This has the added benefit of not forcing Red State Dems into voting against Kavanaugh.)

(b) Trump will use the battle to rally his midterm troops. Don't give him the opportunity.

(c) If Kavanaugh is defeated, Trump will use the opportunity to rally his mid-term troops.

(d) Even if Kavanaugh is defeated, Trump will merely propose someone equally as bad, if not worse. This person, or the next, or the next, will make it onto the Court.

(e) Democrats and progressives should save their energy for the mid-term elections.

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