Friday, June 1, 2018

The interactive sculpture titled "This Little Light of Mine", at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. The museum opened in December 2017.

Hilferty & Associates (Ohio) and Monadnock Media (Massachusetts) concieved of the idea of an interactive light-show sculpture. The idea was that "everybody has a light they need to show".

The sculpture was designed by Cindy Thompson (Maine), founder of the design studio Transformit (Mississippi). The lighting and control system is by Communication Electronic Design (Kentucky).

The 40-foot suspended sculpture has about 20 fabric-covered aluminum blades, some of them up to 150 feet long. Each blade has eight channels of LED lights, and each light is individually controlled by a computer.

As more people enter the central gallery where the sculpture is located, more lights flicker. Every 20 minutes, the sculpture begins to move and a light show ensues. During the show, the songs "This Little Light of Mine" and "Ain't Gonna' Let Nobody Turn Me Around" play. Kids, college students, and adults recorded both songs at Malaco Studios in Jackson, Missississippi.

While the show is going on, the side panels also become illuminated.

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