Saturday, June 9, 2018

Kathleen Williams won the Montana Democratic primary election for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Williams is an expert in stream flows, helping to keep flows strong enough to support irrigation, wildlife, fisheries, and recreation. She worked for the Montana Legislature for four years, and then the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for five years. She was a three-term state legislator from Bozeman, serving from 2011 to 2015.

She entered the race very late, but beat the top two (white male) contenders. She'll face Greg "I can beat up reporters and lie about it" Gianforte in the November election. She has just $90,000 to Gianforte's $1.1 million.

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Williams had a Wikipedia page (as most state legislators in the U.S. do), created back in 2012. It was awful. It plagiarized freely from her campaign web site, had no citations, and covered almost nothing of her career. It read like an advertisement.

I improved the page. Williams won the June 5 primary, although results were not announced until 6 AM on June 6.

At 5 PM on June 7, I began copyediting and researching and writing. I went to bed at 12:40 AM. I woke the next morning at 8 AM, and began researching, editing, and writing again. I stopped for bathroom breaks, a shower, a 20-minute lunch break, and a 90-minute nap. I finished work on the page at 8 PM on June 8.

I think it's damn good.

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