Monday, June 4, 2018

I lost power for a good part of the day today at my house. I understand that it was a problem in downtown Cleveland Heights: Someone around Lee Road cut a power line, or a tree limb came down, or something. It affected a wide swath of the area along Mayfield Avenue.

I spent most of the day cutting up tree limbs in my back yard, putting the small sticks in a separate pile for kindling for next winter, and then cutting the grass. I overseeded my back yard a month ago. That means spreading grass seed "over" the existing lawn, rather than laying new sod. I had to wait until the seed had matured before cutting it, so my back yard was in bad shape.

Aftward, I laid down this Scott's anti-moss/grass fertilizer, and then watered. I have a serious moss problem, as the soil is highly compacted, I don't have good drainage, and my yard is shady. This stuff worked wonders on my front yard, so I'm hoping it will help the back yard just as much.

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