Monday, June 11, 2018

"Coronation of the autocrat of protection"
By Louis Dalrymple
Published in Puck, 1896 June 24

William McKinley -- a fierce advocate of protectionism -- is "crowned" at the Republican National Convention. His crown lists the states that supported him (Massachusetts, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Virginia).

Protectionism was widely seen as benefitting the rich.

Rep. Charles H. Grosvenor (R-Ohio) and Sen. Mark A. Hanna (R-Ohio) are the high priests, and Herman H. Kohlsaat (owner and publisher of the Chicago Times Herald and Chicago Evening Post ) is a court page holding the robe. Paying their respects, on the right, are Rep. Thomas C. Platt (R-N.Y.), Sen. William B. Allison (R-Iowa), Sen. Matthew S. Quay (R-Penn.), Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed (R-Maine), Sen. Shelby M. Cullom (R-Ill.), and Gov. Levi P. Morton (R-N.Y.) -- the primary backers of McKinley.

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