Sunday, May 13, 2018

Six days, and I'm only a third done with the front lawn.

I have to dethatch my lawn before I overseed it. Mostly, that's because moss has taken over large parts of it. I did a soil analysis, which shows that my nutrients and PH balance are fine. The problem is compaction, which makes it hard for anything to grow up weeds and moss.

Dethatching per se isn't hard work, but I have to bend over a third of the way to really get the dethatching rake's tines into the moss and get it up. That makes my back hurt big-time. It also gives me a headache if I do it too long. Headaches lead to migraines, and migraines are evil. So it's taking me a long time.

I could have rented a dethatching machine, but they don't get rid of the moss.

The really mossy parts of the lawn is the third closest to the house, and the sixth under the trees east of the main lawn. It's going to take me six more days to get the mossy part done... Whew...

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