Monday, March 13, 2017

The Middle is a comedy on ABC which runs in the United States. The show is about a typical middle-class family, which is quirky and goofy. Hilarity ensues.

Early on, the show tapped into some rich veins of comedy, especially when it came to Axl, the family's eldest son. Sixteen-years-old, Axl was depicted as lounging around the house in his boxer shorts all the time. This is a common stereotype of adolescent males, who seem not to know how sensual their bodies are and how unhygienic it is to sit around in their poo-poo undies. But this stereotype had never been depicted on screen, and so it was fresh and funny.

The role of Axl was played by 19-year-old Charlie McDermott. Although an actor since the age of 14, his career had taken off in 2008 after a powerful performance in the film Frozen River. He almost left the series in fall 2015, but ABC picked up the show for another season.

During the series' first six seasons, Axl had two friends, Sean (Beau Wirick) and Darrin (John Gammon). They often appeared shirtless alongside McDermott.

What's interesting about the dynamics of the show is how McDermott has lots his cute looks as he's aged into his late 20s. Like Haley Joel Osment, his face is thickening and widening, yet the producers force him to retain the unkempt mop of curly hair he's worn since he was 19. To keep McDermott as the star, the show dropped ultra-handsome, ultra-muscular Gammon. It retained Wirick, who -- although good looking -- doesn't threaten to become the star of the show or attract viewers.

While I'm not normally attracted to ultra-muscular blonds, John Gammon can marry me any day.

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