Friday, March 31, 2017

Most people think of British actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster as this little boy.

He's not. He's quite the adult stud. I'd let him fuck me all day long.

Sangster (Brodie is his middle name, and he hyphenates them for his acting work) was born in London in 1990. His first big break came in Nanny McPhee in 2005, when he was 15. Because Sangster is short and slender, and has very elfin features, he was cast as a prepubescent boy rather than the 15-year-old young adult he was. In 2007, he was cast as Ferb in the Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb, and the same year appeared on Doctor Who -- again, playing a character about five years younger than he really was.

By the time he played Newt in The Maze Runner in 2014, he was 24 years old -- and still playing a 14-year-old.

He's 27 now, and a stud. Especially where it counts, between his legs.

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