Sunday, February 5, 2017

Laotian-American Thammanoune Si Kannalikham has been picked by the Trumps to decorate their personal quarters at the White House.

The personal quarters occupy most of the Second and all of the Third floors. The private areas on the Second Floor consist of the Cosmetology Room, Dressing Room, East Bedroom (aka East Room), Family Kitchen, North Hall, President's Bedroom, President's Dining Room, Private Sitting Room, and West Bedroom (aka West Room).

The public areas on the Second Floor consist of the Center Hall, East Sitting Hall, Grand Staircase, Grand Staircase Landing, Lincoln Bedroom, Lincoln Sitting Room, Queens' Bedroom, Queens' Sitting Room, Treaty Room, Truman Balcony, West Sitting Hall, and Yellow Oval Room.

The third floor is all private quarters: The Cedar Room, Center Hall, six Bedrooms, Diet Kitchen, Linen Room, Music Room, eight Offices, Sitting Room, Solarium/Sun Room, 10 Storerooms, and Work-out Room. (Hillary Clinton created an "Eleanor Roosevelt Room" on this floor. Marian Robinson, President Obama's mother-in-law, lived in the southwest bedroom and sitting room, and oversaw the Obama children.)

Kannalikham was born in 1977 and grew up Stockton, California. Her educational background is unclear, but she studied for a few years at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is a member of and regular attendee at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and previously worked for Ralph Lauren Home.

She is a devotee of American English, French, and Irish buildings and interiors of the 1700s. She is also a fan of the midcentury-modern furniture of William Haines, the openly gay 1920s film star turned interior decorator.

Almost nothing is known about Kannalikham. Few images of her work are available online, almost none of her clients are known to the public, and she's written nothing.

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