Thursday, February 2, 2017

I just realized: In five to seven years, my high school is going to be completely unrecognizable. A new building will connect the original high school to the fieldhouse and south campus; there will be a new industrial arts building; the current industrial arts building will be repurposed into classrooms; and there will be TWO new main entrances.

Holy shit.

1930 - GFHS built
1954 - Second-floor built on southeast wing for Band/Choir
1957 - West Grandstand built at Memorial Stadium
1963 - T-wing constructed for Business, Home Ec, History, Library, Chemistry, and Biology departments; new main entrance created
1975 - Industrial Arts Annex opened
1979 - Bison Fieldhouse & Pool opened
1998 - South Campus with 13 new classrooms opened; Wrestling Addition opened

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