Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa elf.

I once knew a 20-something stripper in D.C. who would dress up in costumes like this for every holiday. On Christmas, he'd step out of his car in the smallest red, fur-trimmed briefs possible, his massive dong and balls swelling it to the breaking-point. He'd have a red bow around his neck, a Santa's cap on his head, and shiny red mid-calf leather boots on. If you listened closely, he'd jingle. (He had an Arabian strap around his cock and balls, and jingle bells tied to it.)

He was a free-love kind of guy. At parties, he'd have sex with five or six different men. I once asked him why. "It feels great to be fucked so much," he said. "And it's my gift to these guys. I'm Santa's elf, after all."

I miss him.

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