Thursday, August 25, 2016

That sculpted face, with the pudgy nose and full mouth and slightly cleft chin, combined with the distinct brows and big, wide-spread eyes? Wow. And his body is so incredibly toned. Not really muscular, just very toned.

I once watched a guy in his mid-30s shower fully clothed with an 18 year old guy. The younger guy had a body like this, and a huge dick to go with it. But the man making love to him could have been his father, given their age differences. And while "daddy" didn't have a muscular body, or a sculpted body, his body was solid and hard. The boy had shitloads of bravado and arrogrance, but no real self-confidence or self-esteem. So within a minute or two, the boy had lost control of the encounter. His "daddy" was all over him, pushing his head under the streaming shower, pressing him against the shower wall, fondling the boy's massive cock to full erection, exposing the boy's asshole to the audience, making the boy exhibit himself in ways the boy would never, ever had permitted himself to be exposed or displayed. When "daddy" finally entered the younger man, the boy -- who fancied himself a skilled top -- practically sobbed in relief.

And not once did the boy's wet tank-top come off.

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