Monday, August 29, 2016

So, let's look at the Browns' draft picks to see how they're doing in the preseason, shall we?


Cody Kessler (QB) has had significant playing time during preseason, but he's had plenty of mistakes. Jackson named RGWorthless to the starting position. Kessler is third, behind Josh McCown. You won't see him again this season.

Corey Coleman (wide receiver) spent three weeks out with a hamstring injury. He had his preseason debut against the Bucs on August 26, and was awful. But coach Hue Jackson says he has complete faith in him, and will keep playing him.

Scooby Wright (offensive linebacker) has had a stellar preseason. He'll get some heavy playing time, maybe even start sometimes.

Emmanuel Ogbah (offensive linebacker) has had a solid preseason, even though he's had to adjust to a 4-3 scheme. He'll get some heavy playing time, maybe even start sometimes.

Joe Schobert (outside linebacker) has had a solid preseason, but had one or two very obvious misfires. But it doesn't look like he'll start or play.

Spencer Drango (guard) had a decent preseason, seeing some playing time. But he won't start, or play much.

Seth DeValve (tight end) spent the summer suffering from a hamstring injury. It took three months to heal (not a good sign), and although he returned for the preseason training camp -- he probably won't see playing time.

Jordan Payton (wide receiver) made some waves in training camp, but he's had no playing time and won't be used this season.

Rashard Higgins (wide receiver) bragged a lot in training camp, and was a media darling of a kind, but hasn't seen playing time. He won't, either, during the season.

Ricardo Lewis (wide receiver) hasn't been heard from in the preseason. He's gone.


Carl Nassib (defensive end) has had a solid preseason, impressing Jackson with his playing. He'll possibly start.

Derrick Kindred (safety) has had some playing time in the preseason, but it's doubtful he'll see playing time.

Trey Caldwell (defensive back) injured his hamstring on July 30, and hasn't come back yet. The Browns want to see him add weight and muscle, so he won't play until he does.

Shon Coleman (offensive tackle) has barely shown up during the preseason. He injured his knee in the third-to-last game of his college career, and put off an MRI. Once the season was over, doctors discovered he had a small tear in his right knee MCL. He had post-season surgery, and entered the NFL draft. Coleman didn't begin practicing with the Browns until July 30, and coach Jackson largely kept him off the field in the preseason. Jackson has said that the team will take it very slow with Coleman, which means probably no playing time this year unless there's a real need.

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