Monday, August 8, 2016

I miss Karl Thomas.

This Texan burst onto the porn scene in 1989 at the age of 22 in Catalina's Brother Trouble. His deep-set eyes, upturned nose, and massively thick, big-knobbed dick made him an instant favorite. I had a mega-serious crush on him. He was often cast as a top, because his sizeable penis was consistently erect and he was so thick and long. Watching his blunt, swollen knob slowly violate another man's body and hearing the bottom groan in agony was incredible. Simply incredible.

But, his best scenes are where he's being fucked by a fratboy-type with a big cock. I strongly suspect Karl was a bottom. He had a routine he'd developed as an erotic dancer where he could shove a beer bottle up his ass, and bring himself to orgasm. Tops don't normally shove beer bottles up their assholes.

It's not clear how he got into adult film. One rumor is that he was spotted jogging on the beach by Jay Richards, porn star partner of Galaxy Pictures director Robert Prion. But since Karl Thomas didn't do any Galaxy Pictures films until 1995, I seriously doubt this story. Most of the evidence points to him having graduated from college, and having an exotic dancing career during college.

He used the alias "Joseph Hardy" for his first two Catalina films, but Karl Thomas for the rest of his career. (A single exception is the name "Adrian Jackson" for a lone Vivid Video production, Texas Tales, in 1989.)

His career launched into the stratosphere with The Big Ones and Mission Accomplished for Falcon Studios in 1990. He only did five pictures that year, and only six in 1991. Most of his films in 1991 were for Bijou and Planet Group, small studios not known for their great production values or stars. But his stardom was maintained by the single big-studio film he did, Man of the Year for Catalina. In 1992, he did nine films, a major uptick in performances, and in 1993 a whopping 18 pictures. That's one every 16 days. Two of his 1992 films -- Mandriven for Falcon and Scorcher for Matt Sterling -- were big-budget, big-name productions in which Karl turned in stellar performances. His gut-wrenching orgasm in Scorcher is nothing short of astounding as he pumps semen straight into the air for four feet. His work in 1993 was for mostly low-level studios like Vizuns, Video Resource Group, Planet Group, and Forum. But his appearance in Odyssey Men's Technical Ecstasy -- directed by future Academy Award nominee Wash West (aka Wash Westmoreland) -- was mind-blowingly good, and he helped save the Ryan Idol disaster, Idol Thoughts (Catalina) from disaster by doing a physical performance in a cramped space that made you want to join the Navy.

He ratched back his filmmaking to just nine in 1994 and eight in 1995. He got his own film, Inside Karl Thomas (Leisure Time) in 1994, and turned in eager, erotic scenes in Toilet Tramps (1994; Leisure Time) and What a Man's Gotta Do (1994; Video Visuals). He then demonstrated an amazing capacity for self-sucking, a skill he had never before demonstrated. Karl Thomas wasn't one of those guys who could get the head into his mouth; he could take two-third of his cock into his mouth, and blow himself to orgasm. He did it three times: In Auto Fellatio (1995; Brick House), Holding Their Own: Self-Sucking Soldiers (1995; Brick House), and Mouth Organ: They Blow Themselves (1996; Vivid).

His career began winding down in 1996, as he did just four films (three of them for Galaxy Pictures). He did seven films in 1997, but five were for Galaxy.

He did one for Matt Sterling (and not a good film) in 1998, one in 1998, and a final solo JO scene for Pacific Sun in 2001.

As far as I can tell, he never did a single interview, and barely spoke on film.

Rumor is that he retired from adult film, bought a bar in Texas, and lives there still.

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