Saturday, July 9, 2016

I had a dream last night that I was living in a hotel-cum-apartment building. It was very old, maybe 150 years old, with fading and cracked heavy Victorian style overlaid with a lot of Art Deco. Elevated highways had been built around it, so the lobby was three or four floors "belowground". I was supposed to be speaking at a conference in a nearby city, and was late getting ready for it. I boarded a bus run by an Asian company, thinking I would have to just buy a suit in the other city and not have all my clothes with me. But amazingly, the bus stopped right in front of my hotel/apartment building to pick up passengers.

There was a line of about 20 elderly Asian men and women waiting to get aboard. I asked the "bus hostess" how long the bus would wait. "Two minutes," she said. I raced inside, took the elevator to my apartment, opened the door, grabbed my already-packed suitcase, and raced downstairs.

And the bus was gone. "Your bus has left," the lobby boy said. It had left early.

I screamed so loud in anger, people were frightened.

Then I woke up. And now I'm in a foul mood this morning, even though I have no right to be.

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