Friday, July 15, 2016

Dcota was a gay adult film star who starred in 14 films in the early 1990s. He was allegedly a college student in Southern California, but as far as I can tell he did no interviews and no gay porn magazine layouts. Primarily a bottom, he was cute and lithe -- with almost no muscle, even though he wasn't really a twink. He had jet-black hair, beautiful eyes, a deep tan. He also had a whopper of a cock: Long, thick, and with a strong downward curve.

He was very good looking, with a slightly upturned, button nose and a strong jaw-line, with those piercing eyes and strong brows. He was incredibly sexual, and could take a cock of any size. He really seemed to enjoy powerful, strong sex even though few of the men he was paired with could give him the kind of dicking he seemed to like.

He made his debut for Falcon (then the most powerful, well-known gay adult film studio in the world) in Mission Accomplished in 1990. He apparently also did a really awful scene for AVG the same year in Stroke 'N Men and for HIS Video in Sun Devils. But it was his Falcon films -- two outstanding performances in Compulsion: He's Gotta Have It (1991), Cruisin' 2: More Men On the Make (1991), and Buttbusters (1992) -- that are his masterworks. He also had two eye-popping scenes in Huge Video's Score 10 (1991) and a relatively unknown but strong performan in AVG's Man With The Golden Rod (1991). He did three non-sexual nude wrestling films for BG East in 1993 (all filmed the same week, but released over a year), and then one film each for Video 10 (in 1995) and Man's Best (1996). But these were lackluster efforts.

I have no idea what happened to him. I have no idea what his real name is, where he came from, whether he was, in fact, gay or not. Nothing.

Along with Karl Thomas and Lon Flexx and Johnny Rahm, he was my ideal boyfriend for 15 years.

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