Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hunky blond actor Chris Zylka was born Christopher Michael Settlemire in Warren, Ohio. He is of German, British, Polish, and Czech ancestry (Zylka is Polish surname).

Poor guy is not a bad actor, but it's mostly his handsome blond good looks and his hot body that win him roles. He's probably best known for playing Flash Thompson in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and for the incredibly stupid shark chomp-a-thon indie film Shark Night 3D (2011).

He really needs a better agent. He keeps appearing in these awful horror films, and it's destroying his career. Zylka is aware of how beautiful he is, and how hot his body is, and he's parodied himself and fans' interest in his large package. Self-parody is fine, but only if you've got something to parody. So far, he's got no career, so self-parody is self-destructive at this point.

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It's worth watching Shark Night 3D for this guy, too: Dustin Milligan. This hot-bodied Canadian actor has been working steadily since 2004, in incredibly low-budget indie films and one-off guest roles in nondescript television shows. His one claim to fame was his year-long stint in 2008 on 90210 but he got written off the show when his character failed to generate fan interest.

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