Tuesday, April 26, 2016


It's real name is "Kryptodrakon", and is a pterosaur from the middle to late Jurassic era liviing approximately 162.7 million years ago.

Its bones were discovered in Xinjiang, China, by Chris Sloan in 2001. The bones were misidentified as theropod remains, but paleontologist James Clark later recategorized them. In 2014, Clark, Brian Andres, and Xu Xing named it Kryptodrakon, an allusion to the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The name means "ancestor dragon" in Latin, and refers to Krytpodrakon's status as the oldest known member of the Pterodactyls -- about five million years older than the oldest pterodactyl previously discovered.

Kryptodrakon had a wingspan of just under five feet.

Kryptodrakon lived in inland, far from the coast. It probably lived in forested areas, since pterodactyls with short wingspans are best suited for forest flying. No one knows what it fed on, since the skull was missing.

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