Monday, April 18, 2016

It's too bad that Johnny Rapid has turned out to be a heterosexual pedophile who beats women. He is remarkably handsome  -- astonishingly so.  His body has a raw, powerful sensuality that is overwhelming.  He's well-endowed, with a thick penis that has heavy tendons and veins that makes his cock look all the more masculine even as his body looks like that of a perpetual 18 year old.  And when he leaves his bush untrimmed, his stunningly masculine between his legs.  On film, he was perpetually sexually aroused, with an erection that was both achingly painful and achingly hard.  And boy oh boy, could he ejaculate.

He showed an startling theatricality on film, mugging for the camera in ways that seemed both clownish and erotic.  For a heterosexual, he took the largest cocks up his ass with aplomb, and sucked cock with a fervor that few gay men show.  And as was once said of the legendary Joey Stefano:  "Even though he was a bottom, he fucked you.  You didn't fuck him."

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