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I miss Brian Estevez.

If you believe his interview in Manshots magazine in 1991, he was born in Brooklyn in 1966. He grew up there, and joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1982 when he was 16 years old. As a Marine infantryman (if you can believe that), he spent 1982 to 1985 in California. While in California, he met a man who found "trophy escorts" for rich gay men. The man specialized in recruiting military men who, for $500 a weekend, would be seen with older gay men. There was light kissing, some petting, maybe even masturbation. Estevez -- who claims to be completely, utterly, and without doubt heterosexual -- claims he did this a few times, then stopped.

He left the Marine Corps in 1985 at the age of 19, and decided to become a fashion model (if you can believe that). "One day, after my car broke down", he says, an older man just happened to pick him up on the road. This man was a scout for gay porn directors John Travis and Matt Sterling, and he induced Estevez to do some half-naked Polaroid shots. Within a week, Estevez was meeting Travis and Sterling. When told to disrobe, Estevez refused -- until they waved fistfuls of cash at him. Sterling decided he was too short and slender (Estevez claims) to top, so he was cast as a bottom. He insisted on no box covers and he refused to do magazine layouts, out of a fear that his family or girlfriend would see him and figure out he was doing gay porn. He says that, toward the end of his career, he decided not to bottom any more.

He used the name "Mike Raymond" in his first film, Inch By Inch. He used the name "Michael Wayne" and topped in his second film, Spring Training (Falcon), and in his third had sex with men and women (Bi-Sexual Fantasies [Catalina, 1985]), topping men under the name "Brian Estevez" for the first time. It wasn't until his fourth film, The Young and the Hung (Laguna Pacific) that he used the name "Mike Raymond". He used "Michael Wayne" again in Bare Tales (1987; Tyger Films), Best Friends 2 (1987; Elite Male), Looking Good (1988; Le Salon; he's credited as "Michael Way"), and Show It Hard (1988; Filmco).

Although Estevez is primarily known as a bottom, he wasn't on film. He bottomed exclusively in just four films (Inch By Inch, Powertool, Best Friends 2, In Deep), topped exclusively in 11 films, and was versatile in three (Young and the Hung, Bare Tales, Throb). I can't identify his role in three others films (Manstroke, Men At Work, Mystic Museum), all of which came late in his career (all were 1990). He did straight porn in two bisexual films, and oral-only in one gay film. Estevez said he disliked bottoming, but on film he seemed to enjoy bottoming far more than he did topping.

Estevez was known for his magnificent handless cumshots. He delivered one in his very first film, and it became something of his trademark. It's extremely rare for a man to have an anal orgasm -- one where being fingered up the ass or fucked, without masturbation, results in orgasm. It's possible, of course, even likely in some men. But on a gay porn set, it's almost unheard of. Faking a handless cumshot is easy, however: Through the magic of cinema, the man masturbates. Just before he is to ejaculate, he gives a shout-out ("I'm cumming!"). He then pulls his hand away, and a few second later delivers his spurts. It doesn't matter if his "hands are held behind his back", or if he's "tied down" or if he's on all fours or on his back. The performer who is good at a handless cumshot is very in tune with his own body, and knows just when to remove his hand and put it in the right position so that it appears he wasn't jacking off at all. The longer he can give the editor between removal of his hand and his cumshot, the more effective the trick will be.

Estevez was VERY VERY good at timing his handless cumshots. He often gave the editor as many five seconds between taking his hand away and his ejaculation.

Moreover, Estevez could ejaculate very, very powerfully. He often had six or seven very thick, ropy streams of cum before he began dribbling. And while his first spurt was usually cleared the head by just an inch or so, his second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth shots could fly as many as three or four fee through the air. The look on his face as he came was heavenly: He appeared as if he was going to faint, as if he was experiencing pure divine joy, and as if he were in deep pain and distress. (They don't call orgasm "the little death" for nothing.)

Estevez had the nicest cock. It was a really raw-boned looking dick, about 7 inches long and perfectly straight. He had a well-defined, ruddy knob and some heavy veins along the lower half of his shaft. His prick jutted upward out of a dense, full bush at a 45-degree angle, and his balls were somewhat large and low-hung.

Estevez admitted to having tricked a few times with gay porn producers while doing adult film, and to having tricked a few times with gay men during his career. It was quite uncommon for adult film stars to engage in prostitution during the 1980s, so for him to have done so was highly unusual. Over time, he came to enjoy, he says, to some degree, sex with a man. He did a lot of personal appearances during his time in adult film, "dancing" nude at a wide range of places for hefty fees.

From 1985 to 1989, Estevez worked in construction in California, and learned "the entire construction business inside and out". In 1989, Estevez moved to Virginia, and began working for a radio station. He says he sold advertising slots and learned "the entire radio business inside and out", and took public speaking classes. When the station had financial difficulties, he quit.

Estevez says he likes to sing and can play piano, and in 1991 he intended to go to college and become an actor. He used to fight, do drugs, smoke, and drink, but gave it all up.

Estevez did five films a year during his six-year career. That's four per year, but it belies his real output. He did four films each in 1985 and 1987, and just two in 1986 -- the stunning Powertool (his scene at the end is fairly bland) and The Best of Times. In 1988, however, he did a whopping 10 films, almost all of which are forgettable. After taking 1989 off, he did four more forgettable films in 1990.

1991 was supposed to be his "comeback year". But nothing ever came of it. Estevez was done with adult film at the age of 24. He'd been doing gay porn since the age of 19.

No one has seen or heard of him since.

* * * * * * * *

It's difficult to accept much of what Estevez told Manshots. When he speaks on film, and that's rare, you can easily hear the Brooklyn accent in his voice.
Yet, the Marines have never accepted 16-year-olds as enlistees, and quite frankly Estevez's body looks like it had never seen a hard day's work -- much less Marine boot camp. His acne-scarred, over-shiny face doesn't seem the type that fashion industry executives usually hire.
One highly doubts that he worked in construction for four years in California. Construction companies don't usually let you off work so you can spend a four-day weekend dancing naked in front of other men. And even if he did work construction, one doubts he had enough information to establish his own construction company (as he claimed).
One highly doubts that he learned "the radio business inside and out" in a single year, nor that a radio station would hire a 23-year-old kid without a high school diploma. Much less hire a kid who could not account for his previous four years. (Most employers will question what "entertainer/dancer" means on your resume.)
What seems more likely -- and I say "seems", because one really doesn't know -- is that Brian Estevez was a bi-questioning kid from Brooklyn who graduated from high school, moved to California, and sought work in the gay adult film industry. He did very well in it, and became a demi-god. From 1985 to 1987, he was one of the best-known adult film performers around. Everyone knew him as that blond-ish kid with the crystal blue eyes, shiny face, full bush, raging hard prick, and sweet handless cumshot who loved to be fucked up his furry tight ass.
People were shocked when Estevez took mega-hung twink Tony Marino's 9-incher up his ass in Powertool. Sure, Marino couldn't get his monstrous, obscene member fully erect. But He got close enough to plower Estevez. And then a year later, Estevez was taking the 9-inch ass-breaker of Mark Jennings up his ass as well. Sure, Jennings was the poster-boy for Viagra and was more flaccid than erect in 80 percent of his work. But he got hard enough to fuck Estevez up the ass.
Most men would never have even tried to take Marino or Jennings. But Estevez, despite his protestations of heterosexuality, did.
And he did it condomless.
I miss him. I miss his big, raw cock. I miss his handless, powerful cumshots. I miss that full bush, and that furry hole. I miss his dyed, mousse-stiffened hair. I miss those eyes. I miss that incredible cocksucking skill. I miss his eagerness.

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