Monday, March 7, 2016

The Varon-T disruptor. "It tears apart a body from the inside..."

The Varon-T disruptor prop was a reuse of the Mariposan phaser-like pistols from the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) episode "Up The Long Ladder". They were reused as a Rutian Ansata terrorist pistol in the episode "The High Ground"; as a pistol used by the Ferengi spy Sovak in the episode "Captain's Holiday"; as a pistol used by the mercenary Kelsey in the episode "Starship Mine"; as a phaser pistol used by mercenaries in the episode "Gambit, Part I" and "Gambit, Part II"; as a pistol used by the Native American colonists of Dorvan V in the episode "Journey's End"; as a Maquis pistol in the episode "Preemptive Strike"; and as an alien weapon in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Fair Trade".

It is not clear if some or all of these weapons were intended to be Varon-T disruptors. Only in "Gambit, Part II" was the reused prop identified as a phaser. The pistol was not identified in the other episodes. "The Most Toys" was also the only episode in which this weapon was shown to produce the distinctive painful disintegration effect.

Commander Riker: "Mr. O'Brien says the weapon was in a state of discharge..." Lt. Commander Data: "Perhaps something occurred during transport, Commander."

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