Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Igor Kolomiyets is a half-Ukrainian and half-Russian fashion model. He was born in Ukraine in 1994, and speaks Russian. His family was not well-off when he was a child, because Ukraine's economy was suffering from a severe post-Soviet breakup economic depression. His brother was born when Igor was six. Because his brother has cerebral palsy, Igor's parents decided to emigrate to the United States to give their youngest son the care he needed.

Shy, quiet, and unexpressive, Igor grew up in Sacramento, California, where everyone called him Iggy. He got into modeling when he was in his late teens, and became a very well-known international menswear fashion model. When he was 19 years old, he decided to do a jack-off video for the Sean Cody gay porn site. That same year, he did a JO video for Davey Wavey as well. For both sites, he used the name "Allen". He's exceptionally well-endowed, with a legitimate 8 inches and foreskin. He has untrimmed pubes, and a sizeable cumshot that explodes across his throat, chest, and stomach and splatters his thighs.

He said in 2015 that he's heterosexual. He's also an Instagram, Twitter, and selfie whore -- taking several pictures of himself each day and posting them online for all to enjoy.

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