Monday, March 28, 2016

I intended to take a week off from blogging because I got stuck on an article about Tom Mercer Girdler -- the former chairman and president of Republic Steel from 1930 to 1957. He was a short, balding, pugnacious, foul-mouth, nasty son-of-a-bitch, IMHO. He did everything he could to bust the unions at his steel plants: Espionage, threats, assault, shootings, intimidation.

But I hit a big stumbling block, and figured I should take a week off to resolve it. It didn't get resolved.

I had a couple photographs to take at Mayfield Cemetery, because I volunteered to do so for the Find-a-Grave Web site. I wrote a little article on the cemetery, and then tried to get some photos which I took in August online on my Flickr site. That got me caught up in revising the article on the Cleveland Justice Center, because I had to figure out which building was which. That got me locked into an article on Prindle, Patrick & Associates, who designed most of the Justice Center.

I'm still not done with that one, because I got sidetracked into improving an article on the Glenville shootout -- a disastrous gun battle between Cleveland police and black militants on July 23-24, 1968. I finished that one, and even took some photos of the key sites.

And suddenly it's March 28, and two weeks have gone by without blogging.

Not cool.

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