Tuesday, February 23, 2016

La dee dah dee dah... here we are in Cleveland... lah dee dah... Oh, hey, as you approach the city from Lake Erie, you see the New River Channel, created by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1931. Oh, and there is "Whiskey Island" -- not an island at all, but a peninsula. And just behind it, the Old River Channel.

Lah dee dah... Oh, and as you head upstream, there's a big turn in the river. That's Irishtown Bend, named for the former workers' shanty-town that existed between Detroit Avenue and Franklin Avenue. WHOOPS! Another sharp turn, that's Columbus Bend -- named for Columbus Road. The peninsula formed by the two bends is the Columbus Peninsula...

Uh oh, another sharp bend! That's Collision Bend, where so many ships collided with one another or the levees protecting the shoreline. This forms another peninsula, Scranton Flats.

WHOA! Another bend. But no one seems to have named it.

That creates another peninsula. But no one seems to have named it.

Whoops, another big bend, this one the Wheeling Bend.

I just can't believe that this peninsula and this bend have no names.... Every goddamned rock, tree, and bush around here has a name!!

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