Sunday, February 28, 2016

I think it's an ingenious answer to having a home library. Now, me, I have books all over my house. I have so many books, I don't have enough shelves for them all. I have books in the living room, books in the kitchen, books in the bedroom, books in the bathroom. My home office is groaning with books, so many you'd think the floor would give way. I don't need a library.

What I like about this library is now it utilizes an otherwise unusable corner to create a two-story space that has some great features. It's eye-catching for sure, but it also creates a "safe space" where one could read, locked away and isolated. And yet, the windows create an open space, not a warren/den or hideaway. Notice how the "jail" works? A time-out space for thoughtfulness and sealing away from the world.

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