Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I had THE biggest crush on singer Bob Seger when I was in my early teens. "Night Moves" had just come out, and I was a budding young homosexual. Like a lot of young kids, I was completely and utterly mainstream. I had no desire to stand out in the crowd. My lust for other boys only made me extremely self-conscious, and the high level of homophobia in my town in Montana left me frightened and lonely.

Anyone with long hair, or with a beard, was not someone whom I, with my intense desire to be completely mainstream and "fitting in", found attractive. I knew boys with long-ish hair, and found them intensely attractive. But anyone with hair down past his shoulders was not part of my "world of boys I self-abuse over". And beards? Those were for truckers, guys who didn't wash, guys who were poor or drunk, guys who did drugs. A beard was out of the question.

And for some reason, Seger crashed into my perfectly sealed world, and made me moan his for nights on end, stifling my cries of sexual ecstasy with my pillow and hoping no one heard me beg to be fucked by him.

Those dark, soulful eyes. That slender body. That talent.

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