Monday, February 29, 2016

George Kennedy, rest in peace.

Lt. Frank Drebin [running a squealing hand-held metal detector]: Excuse me, ma'am, security....
[Woman shrieks as it beeps over her ass.]
Man: What's the meaning of this?
Lt. Frank Drebin: Relax! Nothing will happen.
[Drebin frisks the man while Lt. Ed Hocken stands behind him.]
Man: I didn't do anything!
[Drebin reaches too far back, pulls out Hocken's gun.]
Lt. Frank Drebin: Yeah? What about this?
Lt. Hocken: You think we were born yesterday? You didn't do anything, huh?
Man: I got rights!
[Drebin reaches back again, pulls out Hocken's wallet, opens it.]
Lt. Drebin: Ed, he's got a picture of your wife!
Lt. Hocken: Ethel!
[Hocken slugs the man, knocking him out. Drebin lets him fall to the floor.]
Lt. Drebin: All right, anyone else here seeing his wife?
Lt. Hocken: Th-th-that's all right, Frank. Let's get in the hall....

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