Monday, January 4, 2016

Michael DelRay (sometimes spelled "Del Ray") is a newcomer to adult film. He began by working for, but quickly traded up to Lucas Entertainment. He does mostly bareback films. He's one of these nondescript twinks without any muscle or body tone. But he has interesting facial features: When he's not smiling, he looks oddly handsome; when he is smiling, his face becomes all mouth and teeth and heavy lines. He's got a deep, heavy voice -- which is highly unusual for gay adult film. He's a brunette, and sometimes he leaves his pubes alone or only lightly trims them. But most of the time he's got them shaved down 90 percent of the way. He's got a furry ass and furry legs, and a very accommodating asshole that can take some of the larges cocks around without any problem.

Like a lot of well-endowed men, DelRay bottoms. He's trained to bottom. Having a really large cock in real life means that most gay men are too frightened to take him, so DelRay bottomed in order to get sex. He continues to bottom, even though he has a really long, thick cock with a very, very large knob. Occasionally, you'll see a scene where DelRay tops, but it's rare. He prefers bottoming.

DelRay has no problems with interracial sex (unlike a lot of gay adult film stars), and loves to suck cock.

He's really skilled at sexual performance, which is unusual for a newcomer (most of whom do not understand the difference between real sex and filmed sex). Unfortunately, he's usually paired with men who are not nearly as skilled, so his scenes can come off as awkward, stilted, and choppy.

I wish he'd leave his pubes alone. His cock is really handsome, and he seems to have an interesting, attractive personality. (Although going by what you see in adult film is never a good idea.)

I don't know why I'm so attracted to well-endowed bottoms. Johnny Rahm, Lon Flexx, Tyler Sweet, Ashton Summers, Michael DelRay. I'm a bottom, so why should I be?? It beggars belief.

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