Sunday, January 10, 2016

I've never known a boy who is dirty.

Oh, casually, I've known some. There was Puppy Boy, a stripper at Wet who liked water sports. There was Glenn, a stripper at La Cage who liked to have boys bite his neck during sex because he had a vampire fetish. There was Denny, a well-endowed meth-head who worked at the film festival and who was into electric stimulation. There was Carl, an online friend and college athlete who wanted his "Daddy" to force him to be strip-shaved, smear make-up on his face, force him into a woman's negligee, and fuck him while calling him "his little girl".

But as a good friend, boyfriend, or lover? Never.

I once knew a man in his 50s who had a 20-something twink lover. Twice a year, the older man would host a dinner party at his home. Guests would find his lover naked, sexually aroused, and tied down on top of the dinner table. Food wasn't plated, it was put on his body, and you picked up your chicken tenders, cheese, crackers, fruit, and other hors d'oeuvres off his naked body. For the next three to four hours, the boy lay there -- trying not to move, very aroused, and ignored.

Toward the end of the evening, someone would invariable use a pastry or ice cream or half-n-half to lubricate the boy's genitals and anus, and would finger and masturbate him to orgasm. Which, I must say, was astoundingly large. The boy had an enormous ejaculation to begin with; after four hours of constant sexual arousal, it was even more copious.

That kind of kink is intriguing to me. It's not shameful. (My friends certainly did not find it so.) It's something that can be paraded in front of others (unlike someone who enjoys bareback sex in a sling, say, or someone who likes electric sex), isn't messy, isn't morally fraught. It reminds me more of a 1920s or 1930s Hollywood party hosted by Ramon Novarro or Billy Haines or a Rock Hudson birthday party from the 1950s rather than a sexual thing.

I've often thought about finding someone like that for a friend or boyfriend.

But since I can't even get a date, much less laid, I realize that the dream is stupid and dumb.

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