Monday, December 7, 2015

I support streetcars. I no longer can support DC Streetcar. It's been nine years and $200 million, and not a single car moves.

Way, way, way back in time, the DC Council voted to make the Anacostia Line the first to open. Anacostia is *the most* transit-dependent area of the city, but has the least public transit. Streetcar would remedy this.

Instead, the city focused on the H Street Line. It killed the Anacostia Line without telling anyone, then pretended they were "adjusting the route". When the city's preferred route was announced, it was clear that the system had been rigged: Instead of serving local businesses on MLK Avenue SE or local people by running through the neighborhood, the line was shunted off to the shore of the Anacostia River -- where the only people it served were Maryland and Virginia commuters (most of them military) working at Joint Base Anacostia and at the DHS headquarters.

In other words, DDOT decided to serve people who lived outside the side, not city residents.

My support for DC Streetcar ended with that realization.

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