Saturday, November 28, 2015

So I'm pretty sure I have to have arthoscopic surgery on my left knee again. I was coming down the stairs from the second floor to first floor midday on November 25, and suddenly had this SHARP pain shoot up the left side of my left knee. The knee almost buckled, which would have sent me tumbling down the steps. I had stabbing pain even when I walked afterward.

I've been having achy knees for two or three weeks already, and had been taking stairs slow for a week. But still, this was new and bad. I had a lot of cooking to do for Thanksgiving, and had to do it while sitting in a chair in my kitchen. (Thank goodness the countertops are low.) I went to bed early on Wednesday, exhausted. Thursday, I felt a lot better. But I could feel my knee "clicking" inside, as if there were a ball bearing rolling over a piece of grit. I had no trouble going up stairs. But down, I'd still be really sore, my knee had some instability, and there was a significant ache (although only one instance of stabbing pain).

I felt even better Friday, and today. But still, this is not good.

I called my physician on Wednesday afternoon, and he got back to me Friday with an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

So, we'll see what happens going forward.

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