Monday, November 2, 2015

Christopher Atkins was an 18-year-old lifeguard and sailing instructor in New York when an agent who admired his physique and good looks told him to audition for a movie called The Blue Lagoon. The film was based on an Irish novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole about teenagers, a boy and a girl, who are shipwrecked on an island in the late 1800s. They manage to survive with the help of a crippled adult, who soon dies. Living in what Jean Jacques Rousseau called a "state of nature", the guileless children soon discover sex and make love passionately all the time. They have a child, and are rescued by the boy's father after about a decade on the island.

Overnight, Atkins became one of the top teen idols in the world. He appeared on hundreds of magazine covers, mostly shirtless. In 1982, he co-starred with another teen idol, Kristy McNichol (famous for her role on the TV drama Family), in the musical The Pirate Movie. It bombed badly, and damaged Atkins' career. Atkins' last big roles came in 1983. He starred as a male prostitute working his way through college in the sex dramedy In A Night in Heaven opposite Lesley Ann Warren (young stud/older woman sex was a thing in the 1980s), and as swimming instructor Peter Richards on the prime time soap Dallas. (Once more, he has sex with an older woman, Sue Ellen Ewing [played by 43-year-old actress Linda Gray]).

Although Atkins has had more than 40 roles in film and television since, they've all been B-pictures (or worse) or minor roles. He was parodied by British actor Christopher Villiers in the spy comedy Top Secret! in 1984.

Atkins married Austrtalian Lynne Barron in May 1985. She was two months pregnant with his child, Grant Atkins (born December 10, 1985). They had a daughter, Brittney (born May 1, 1987). The couple divorced in 2007. Atkins spends most of his time running his own sports equipment company, and has a long-time romantic partner (he spends part of each year in Sweden, where she lives).

As for his nudes....... Atkins appeared nude in The Blue Lagoon and in A Night in Heaven. He also appeared full-frontal nude in Playgirl in September 1982, photographed by legendary gay male nude photographer Greg Gorman. Gorman did additional photographs of Atkins that year, and over the next two or three years. These much more artistic, black-and-white nudes have appeared over the years. Atkins sometimes sells autographed copies of his nudes; he's justifiably proud of his naked body and genitalia.

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  1. Chris was then,and remains,my celebrity crush and jack off dream!