Sunday, November 8, 2015

A clean election is run in MyHomeState. One million votes are cast for governor, and 750,000 votes are cast for attorney general. Let's look at the hypothetical outcomes:
Clark Kent (DC party) for governor: 550,000 votes
Peter Parker (M party) for governor: 400,000 votes
Cliff Secord (DH party) for governor: 50,000 votes

Charles Xavier (M party) for AG: 450,000 votes
Bruce Wayne (DC party) for AG: 300,000 votes
Clark Kent wins the gubernatorial race, 55 to 40 percent. Charles Xavier wins the attorney general race, 60 to 40 percent. The down-ballot race, predictably, has fewer voters than the up-ballot race. Yet, Xavier polls more votes (12.5 percent more votes) than the losing candidate for governor. All without election fraud.

As a matter of fact, these sorts of things happen all the time, especially in low-turnout elections, in elections where there is a clear favorite down-ballot, and in elections where a small third party candidate siphons off a handful of votes.

Now, in Kentucky, some very, very irresponsible people are claiming that the gubernatorial election was "stolen" by the GOP because they don't understand this dynamic.

In their ideological zeal, they are claiming democracy is a failure and there is vast electoral fraud. All without evidence, and all because they don't understand how voting works.

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