Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Karma For Being a Good Homeowner and Not A Garbage Hoarder:

I took out my trash this morning, figuring that I should not give the racoons and squirrels any opportunity to dig into the trash overnight (like I usually do). As I'm going down the back steps at 6:30 AM, I tripped and fell hard onto my left knee.

It's just stones at the bottom of my steps, so of course I landed right on the edge of one of them with my kneecap.

I rested a bit, and then realized my knee was in bad shape. I hobbled out to the street and left my trash. I hobbled inside.

Sure enough: Three really big contusions, already bruising, on my knee. Shooting pains when I take the stairs. A minorly sprained ankle. Lots of skin removed (even though I was wearing jeans), but no skin broken thank goodness. I used my right arm to not fall completely flat on my face, and now my right shoulder is screaming in pain.

You know, hoarding garbage in my house sounds more and more like a winning proposition.

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