Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm watching horror movies in October!!!

The Covenant is a 2006 American supernatural film written by J. S. Cardone, directed by Renny Harlin, and starring Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford, and Sebastian Stan.

During the 1692 Salem witch trials, five families of witches make a covenant to protect themselves. One family, the Putnams, broke the pact and presumably perished during the witch-hunts...

It's now 315 years later. Caleb Danvers (Steven Strait), Pogue Parry (Taylor Kitsch), Reid Garwin (Toby Hemingway), and Tyler Simms (Chace Crawford) are the male descendants of the Four Families, and are attending prestigious rich-person Spenser Academy. As warlocks, when they turn 18 they will possess "The Power", which be be used for any purpose but which drains their life force if used excessively. The boys worry about their "Power", because it can be addictive. (Why does this sound like masturbation?) Three of the boys have already lost their fathers to this addiction.

New student named Chase Collins (Sebastian Stan) arrives, and Spenser Academy finds itself plagued by supernatural attacks. You wonder who it might be? And is it any secret that he's a Putnam, returned to damn those witch-families who protected themselves? The boys realize they must face their enemy in order to prevent him from stealing their powers and shattering the Covenant forever....

The film is nothing more than excuse for five IMMENSELY HOT young male actors to go about shirtless or in swimwear for most of the film.

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