Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The costume for Yvaine, the fallen star in Stardust.

Costume designer Sammy Sheldon designed the "fallen star" costume. Sheldon struggled initially with how the costume should appear: Sparkly, like a star? Or more molten, now that she's come to Earth? Sheldon settled on a more shiny, molten look. At first, they tried a crystalline fabric to make it look as if Yvaine was wearing a liquid garment, but they ended up with an much older standy: Silk satin. They just cut and draped it so that it fell easily to the ground.

To make the garment fit with the rest of the film (which looks like 1800s England), Sheldon decided that it shouldn't have any fastenings. That way, the audience couldn't identify it with a specific time-period. However, sleves, shoulders, and folds and draping of the lower dress were given a Renaissance feel to keep the period flavor.

A metal grey dye was chosen to make Yvaine look like she was merging with the rock.

Actress Claire Danes had to keep her weight EXACTLY steady for three months. The dress was nearly form-fitting, and it was designed as a one-piece to avoid fastenings. So when she put the dress on, it slipped over her head and HAD HAD HAD to fit her perfectly.

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