Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dweezil Zappa is looking good at 46. I remember him from a short-lived TV show called Normal Life that starred Max Gail (most famous for "Barney Miller"). I was in grad school, and my then-roommate was watching the show. At one point, Dweezil's character gets pissed off about something, and strips off his shirt -- to shrieks and cheers from the studio audience. Dweezil blushes and almost burst out laughing at the way people lusted for his body.

In January 1994, Dweezil appeared semi-nude in Playgirl (a guitar or thigh strategically placed in front of his Zappa Unit).

An accomplished guitarist, Dweezil's career never quite caught fire. He spends most fo his time now playing in the band Zappa On Zappa, a tribute band to his dad's music.

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