Saturday, August 1, 2015

Actor Gavin MacIntosh.

He has a recurring role on the ABC Family drama series The Fosters. MacIntosh portrays Connor, a handsome and kind-hearted boy who develops a friendship with the shy and isolated foster-child, Jude Jacob-Foster (portrayed by Hayden Byerly). This causes Jude to begin wondering what his sexual orientation might be.

On March 2, 2015, an episode of The Fosters featured MacIntosh's 16-year-old Connor and Byerly's 14-year-old Jude sharing a kiss. It is believed to be the youngest LGBT kiss ever in U.S. television history. Fans of the show were thrilled, and called the two "Jonnor" (a mash-up of Jude and Connor). There's even a hashtag: #Jonnor .

ABC Family uploaded a clip of the episode to YouTube. YouTube promptly added an age restriction to the video -- barring teens from seeing it. A vocal social media campaign to remove the age restriction ensued overnight, and YouTube removed the age restriction less than a day later. named Jude to its list of "Favorite LGBTQ Characters on TV."

After the season ended, Byerley revealed that Jude was originally intended to be transgender. The producers decided instead that Jude should be gay, while another chracter would be transgender.

Fans of the show are up in arms, because in the season finale there was gunfire at the teen club which Connor was attending. Now, fans are terrified that Connor is dead and Jude's got no one.

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