Saturday, July 11, 2015

Neil Thomas (aka Terry Gardner [another pseudonym]) was born May 19, 1969, in Riverside, California. He is of Dutch/German descent, and stands a whopping 5'7" tall. When he was 19, he got into adult film -- instantly zooming to the top of the heap.

He did 24 films in three years, and then bailed. Some of his performances (like those in Head of the Class 2, Rites of Winter, Foxhole, Private Workout, Revenge: More Than I Can Take, and Stiff Competition) are simply astounding. He had a really spectacularly long, thick cock and the ability to pump as many as 15 spurts as far as three or four feet. His performance in Private Workout is astonishing -- as is Ric Ricer's cumshot. Neil returned to make one more film, in 1997, and then left the business again.

He lives in Seattle now, and under his real name is on Facebook, even.

I had a huge huge huge crush on him.

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