Sunday, June 14, 2015

The CW has announced a new superhero series to debut in the fall of 2015. DC's Legends of Tomorrow stars Arthur Darvill as time-traveler Rip Hunter, Brandon Routh as the size-changing The Atom, Victor Garber as an aged Firestorm/Prof. Martin Stein, Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl, and Franz Drameh as Jay Jackson (a new character).

Major villains on the show will be Caity Lotz as White Canary (a sometime villain, sometime anti-hero), Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. The villain Vandal Savage is the major big-bad, but that role has yet to be cast, as I understand it.

Greg Berlanti, producer of The Flash and Arrow, produces this as well.

This has been the CW's most-watched season in seven years. It's up 12 percent in total viewers, up a whopping 20 percent with men ages 18 to 34 (due to The Flash and Arrow). The CW will be cancelling its this-never-made-sense sci fi drama The Messengers (about five strangers who wake from a mysterious shock wave with strange powers).

The CW passed on a reboot of horror anthology Tales from the Darkside and Dead People, about an alcoholic cab driver who interacts with ghosts.

Miller rose to fame on the short-lived, for-a-time hit Fox series Prison Break. He played the younger brother of a man who is wrongfully imprisoned. He covers his body with tattoos which are a roadmap to escaping the super-max facility, and he and his brother go on the lam to prove the older brother's innocence. Miller came out of the closet in 2013 after spending the previous 15 years categorically denying he was gay. He was first cast as Len Snart/Captain Cold on The Flash in 2014, and proved a huge hit with fans.

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