Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ever since my first sight of another naked male in the showers, I've been a fan of huge, long, dangling cocks.  Seeing a man walk around, his big dong flopping about in front of him, is so erotic to me that I become instantly erect and will do anything to get his attention, to get him to like me, to get him.

In 1991, red-head gay porn star Mark Andrews did a mediocre video called Sailing To Paradise for AVG. The film was notable for having platinum blond Chris Phifer in it; he was a chubby-dicked surfer type with baby-fat and a huge career in front of him.  Instead, he just disappeared... The scene in which Andrews appears occurs in a laundry room in someone's house in Hawaii. I can't remember who he's with... Danny Sommers? Someone else? At any rate, the bottom is lying on his back on top of a washing machine. Andrews is kneeling (I know, it's the lowest washing machine in the world) and sucking his cock.

What aroused me about the film is that Andrews was so turned on, sucking this other boy's cock, that his prick began dripping. The camera focused on Andrews, his legs spread very wide, his hard prick stabbing into the air... and a six-inch-long strand of precum dripping from his big knob. That strand swung in the air, taunting me.

It aroused me. Incredibly.

Ever since, I've been as deeply infatuated with dripping cocks as I have been with floppy dicks. The sight of a man's erection, oozing precum, drives me insane. The sight of his post-orgasmic cock, dripping the remnants of his semen onto a leg or the floor, makes me nuts.

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