Saturday, June 20, 2015

Captain Sunshine: No! Nooo! Take! That! Costume! Off!
The Monarch: What's the matter, Captain Funtime? Isn't this what you've always wanted?
Captain Sunshine: What are you talking about?
The Monarch: Wouldn't it just fix everything twisted up inside of you if you could only [bleep] Wonder Boy and your worst enemy at the same time, huh? Well, come and get us. Where do you want it, Captain?
Captain Sunshine: You get away!
The Monarch: Where do you want my [bleep]? Here? Here?
Captain Sunshine: Stop it right now, or I'll --
The Monarch: You'll what? I know your dirty little secret, Sunshine. You can't do a damn thing to me because your powers don't work at night! You see, I did my homework, Captain. For extra credit, I made this!!! ...well, my wife helped.
Captain Sunshine: What is that?
The Monarch: Just a little high-powered radiation cannon that simulates your sunshine beams. Hope you brought your sunblock, Captain! SPF 5000 should do the trick, because I'm about to have a fun time eating Sunshine on a stick!
- "Handsome Ransom", The Venture Bros. (episode two, season four)

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