Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Scarecrow" -- the 15th episode of Gotham. This concludes the two-parter begun in "The Fearsome Dr. Crane".
  • Julian Sands as Gerald Crane
  • Charlie Tahan as Jonathan Crane
Doctor Anderson: The boy's received a massive dose of condensed hormones -- cortisol, adrenaline...and another compound we're still trying to identify. The combination nearly killed him.
Det. James Gordon: But he's gonna live?
Doctor Anderson: Yes... But we ran a CAT scan in order to determine if he suffered any brain damage. The results -- we've never seen anything like them before. The hormones themselves have long since worn off, but the effects... They seem to be lingering.
Det. James Gordon: What are you saying? That he's still in fear?
Doctor Anderson: Well, not just fear. Jonathan's brain activity shows he's in a constant state of intense terror.
Det. James Gordon: How long until this goes away?
Doctor Anderson: Well, that's just the thing, detective. We can't be certain it ever will. Imagine the thing you fear most in the world. Imagine that it's all you see. Every waking hour.

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