Saturday, March 21, 2015

What I like about science is that it's a complete package.

You don't get to believe in climate change, and then also talk about Bigfoot, how GMO foods will kill us all, and how vaccines suck.

Case in point: The water rationing in California has a lot of wacky liberals up in arms. The U.S. government announced that several federally-owned reservoirs are dry, so it won't be able to ship water to farmers for irrigation. This has uninformed liberals up in arms about "those poor farmers" (which are really just big industrial food corporations, but never mind the pesky facts). These people then point to the fact that the state of California (an entirely different legal entity) is selling water to the big food corporation Nestlé -- which bottles the water and sells it at a significant mark-up back to ignorant, social-climbing Californians (and others nationwide). "Theft!" the headlines of certain "news" outlets have cried. Nestlé, however, paid for the water at the same rate as everyone else. There is no "theft" involved. Nor could California have sold the water to "those poor farmers" -- because there's no way to get it to them.

Even funnier: If you look at the science, Nestlé is buying just 245 acre-feet of water a year from the state. An acre-foot is enough water to cover an acre of land, one foot deep.

In comparison, commercial and institutional irrigation in California consumes 700,000 acre-feet a year. Outdoor residential landscape irrigation consumed 2.3 MILLION acre-feet a year. A whopping 34 MILLION acre-feet went to agricultural irrigation use.

245 acre-feet is nothing. A literal drop in the bucket.

Science rules. Facts rule. Not ideology or conspiracy theories.

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