Friday, March 27, 2015

I've been busy the last couple of days. I'd just about had enough of my old kitchen faucet. The lever-action was difficult to control. The spray-head often did not return to position, and could easy spray water outside the sink if you weren't careful. The spray-head had just two levels: Ultra-intense heavy-duty spray that got everywhere, and (if you held down a button) a weak, useless spray. The ultra-intense spray could take the skin off your hands.

To take out the old faucet, I had to crawl under the sink. There's a huge disposal under there, which made it very hard for me not only to see but also to get my hands up to where the nuts and stuff were to loosen the old faucet. I smacked my nose on the disposal, and now have a little infection on the bridge of my nose. I finally got the old one loose, and got the new one in.

I love my new faucet. The ball-action is much easier to control. There is a weight on the hose that forces the spray-head to return to position and lock in place. The spray-head has two settings: medium-spray and heavy-spray. Neither is too weak or too strong.

Go plumbing!!!

The new faucet!

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