Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why have I always enjoyed locker room showers, and strip clubs, and sex clubs, and hookers?

Because I am a bottom, and a size queen. And I'm not fucked up and I'm not distorted or warped. I just know what makes my body responsive, sexually. I knew this, even in junior high school -- although I would not admit it to myself until I was out of college. I knew, for example, when Jed spit repeatedly into his hand and slid his monstrously thick nine-inches into me while I howled into his pillows that I was enjoying sex 10,000 times more than if little Jack did me for four hours. I knew, for example, when Craig slid his ten-inch giant into me while I lay on my back on the bleachers in a pitch-black fieldhouse that I was much happier than if I were with Harold or Danny or Kyle.

Showers, strip clubs, and the like have long attracted me -- because I can see what I am getting. I can tell if the man is going to sexually satisfy me. Then I start focusing on his personality, his brain, his heart, his soul...

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