Monday, December 8, 2014

Prior to his starring role on Psych, James Roday's biggest claim to fame was the independent movie Rolling Kansas. It was written and directed by Thomas Hayden Church and released in 2003.

Roday plays Dick Murphy, a t-shirt salesman. He's got two brothers, Dinkadoo (Sam Huntington) and Dave (Jay Paulson). They live in an unnamed, dusty, boring town somewhere in the middle of Texas. Their lives are going nowhere, although Dinkadoo -- the smart one -- wants desperately to go to college.

One day, they discover a map left behind by their dead hippie parents. A note with the map explains that the U.S. government maintains a marijuana field in Kansas to provide the drug for research purposes and for medicinal reasons. It supposedly is the highest-grade marijuana in the entire world...

Naturally, the boys decide to take a road trip to Kansas. They're accompanied by their best friends, dim-witted gas station attendant Kevin (Charlie Ginn) and muscle-bound narcoleptic nursing student Hunter (Ryan McDow).

Along the way, they encounter insane cops, crazy geese, strippers, and a crazy old man played by Rip Torn.

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