Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The title of last night's episode of GOTHAM was "Harvey Dent" -- soon to be known as "The One Where Alfred Finally Smiles". Ian Hargrove is a mentally bomb-maker who targets weapons manufacturers. He's busted out of Blackgate Prison by the Russian mafia, who want to use him to steal a couple million bucks from Carmine Falcone.

We're told right up front that Hargrove lit the Blackgate Prison kitchen on fire using matchstick shavings and some apple cider vinegar. Hargrove is shown spitting a pack of paper matches out of his mouth. He then turns it into this............


We later see Hargrove tossing the item into the bomb-cum-gift basket that is used to bomb the Gotham Munitions Factory and steal the HMX chemical (a military-grade liquid explosive 10 times more powerful than C-4).

He can't be throwing it in there as an identifying item, because he steals the metal nameplate to do that.

What the heck is this, then????????????????

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