Saturday, November 1, 2014

One of my favorite movies is Hobson's Choice, a 1954 romantic comedy directed by David Lean. It stars Charles Laughton as bootmaker Henry Hobson, Brenda De Banzie as his eldest daughter Maggie, and John Mills as his timid employee Will Mossop. Widower Hobson has fallen into a selfish rut, waking late and often hung over, demanding his breakfast from Maggie, forcing his daughters and his brow-beaten cobblers to run his shoe-shop, and spending his lunch and dinner hours at Moonraker's bar. His youngest daughter, Vicky (Prunella Scales), announces she wants to marry Freddy Beenstock, the grain merchant's son -- even though Hobson and Beenstock are feuding. Hobson puts the kibosh on that, and then insults Maggie over her age (she's in her 40s). Furious, maggie decides she will marry, and choose meek Will Mossop. Hilarity ensues.

The film, however, has one incredibly freaky-creepy-toe-curling moment. Hobson wakes after a night of heavy drinking to pink elephants -- or, in this case, a gigantic mouse at the end of the his bed. It's a horrifying moment, because the "cute mouse" ended up being horrific.

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